My first ever audiobook is now published! 😀 And it’s narrated by me! Click play on the sample below if you want to hear what I sound like.

Jax and Alyssa, now also available as the author’s vanity project voice over. 😉

A clip from Chapter 2: Alyssa’s new pet has just woken up…

Wow, this audiobook has been so long in the making that now that it’s out, I’m kind of at a loss what to say. I’m crazy excited, but damn, putting my voice out there is a whole new level of intimidating.

I mean, it’s one thing to write steamy books and publish them with your own face (I admit it took me a year or two before I had the courage to publish an author photo). Narrating them made me feel exposed in a whole new way. I didn’t think reading my book aloud would be a big deal…until I got to the steamy parts.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, and I wouldn’t have done it if I weren’t passionate about it. I think I delivered the sexy times okay, but it’s so easy to fumble it. Narrating is hard work to begin with, but while narrating the hot parts I was sweating from anxiety, with all fingers crossed, hoping it comes out right, not overdone but not unemotional either.

I want my listeners to enjoy the experience, steam included, not cringe because my narration is embarrassing.

I hope I did a good job – I think I did a good job – but I’m kind of climbing up the walls thinking about it.

Hers, Untamed the audiobook is available on Google Play, Apple, Libro FM, Chirp, BingeBooks, Audible, Kobo, Scribd, NOOK Audiobooks, and Audiobooks.com with more retailers to come.

Here’s to hoping you all enjoy it, and do let me know even if you don’t! 😀

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