Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to show you the red, hot and sparkly cover of my new steamy scifi romance novel, Hers, Times Two! Take a look:

Hers, Times Two cover image
Liz, ready to take on Jackal and Zaster.

This eye candy was created by the amazingly talented Melody Simmons at

Two fierce males. One tough woman.

But are they strong enough to confess their love?

Space pilot Eliza Arroyo Diaz has a mad crush on two of her crew mates, but judging by their reserved behavior, the feeling is not mutual. She doesn’t dare to confess that she fantasizes about a three-way relationship with them. And even if the guys were somehow open to the idea, Liz has secrets that could cause her dismissal from the crew if they were found out.

Zaster and Jackal are obsessed with Liz, but they can’t bring themselves to tell her about it. What human woman would welcome the idea of a Crasnian alien and a human-alien hybrid wanting to share her, body and soul?

But as Liz seems to spend a lot of time with Rogue, the ship’s medic, Zaster and Jackal struggle to keep their distance. Can they find a connection with their chosen mate, or will the ghosts of the past ruin their chance for a happy end?

Note to reader: This is a steamy science fiction romance featuring action, suspense, and intense love scenes between the three main characters. It’s the fourth book in a series but can be read as a standalone. HEA guaranteed! If you enjoy hot romance involving not one but two beefy aliens, this might be the book for you!

Hers, Times Two will be published on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Apple Books, and Kobo on May 31st 2021.

I’m so excited! Liz, Jackal and Zaster were my first venture into a romance between three people. It was delightfully challenging – especially the steamy scenes. In some of them there were three people present, which is, uh, one more than I’m used to.

How to make sure that everyone got equal amount of action without drowning the scene in descriptions was a balancing act. I had to revise a lot from the first draft, but the whole process was so much fun that this will definitely not be my last MFM romance! 😉

Hers, Times Two cover

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