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Hell hath no fury…

Saphiel’s gone and it’s all Kami’s fault.

Panicked and riddled with guilt, she turns to the only one who can help, only to fall into the wrong hands time and again. It seems opportunity has knocked, and not a single enemy is willing to miss out. Everyone wants their dues and Kami’s the perfect bait.

All she wants is to reunite with Saph and she’ll face off with the Devil, himself, to do it. Facing herself and the reluctant truths of her heart are a whole other matter, especially when it could be too late. Will the unforgiving Avarice ever pardon her for endangering them both?

As the calendar races toward Beltane, sickening plots of greed and single-minded obsessions continue to unravel all around them, but their greatest challenge awaits in the aftermath of retribution. Can they find some semblance of redemption in one another at last, or will the demon within change everything?

…like a Devil unleashed?




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The final third is finally out! I’m so excited I don’t even know how to phrase my thoughts here. The Avarice trilogy is actually not a trilogy but one novel split into three parts. I had the immense pleasure to beta read these parts, so I’ve known about this story for about a year now, and I’ve been eagerly looking forward to seeing it released. The complete Avarice is the hottest piece of M/F paranormal romance I’ve ever read.

There’s so much to like about this story, but I particularly enjoyed the characters and their chemistry. I like Kami’s personality, her interactions with the supporting characters are funny and witty, the dialogue is brilliant, and I love Zoe. I want more Zoe!

“Oh my God, you’re such a whore, I love you,” Zoe laughed even harder. “So, the tabloids were right, you totally slept with your boss. You just didn’t know it was gonna land you a job.”

The passion between Kami and Saphiel is off the charts. Their relationship is what happens when the ultimate masochist meets the ultimate sadist.

“Oh, my tortured love,” he cooed, dragging his fingertips over her lips. “You’re so fucking beautiful in agony. What am I to do with my little goddess of pain now?”

Or maybe my favorite aspect is after all the world-building. I sucked up all the details about the paranormal world and its laws, its customs, its characters, how they tie into the human world…the mythology is well-researched and I desperately wanted to keep finding out more.

Avarice comes with a heavy set of warnings about religious themes, paganism, etc. etc. I personally didn’t find the themes the slightest bit offending or even particularly religious. Avarice is not trying to convert you into anything. Neil Gaiman writes about similar themes all the time, be it the Abrahamic, Norse, or Egyptian mythology, or simply some deities he made up, and I don’t see his books carrying warning labels for religious themes. His books are simply classified as Dark Fantasy, and that’s where I would place Avarice as well.

Well, except that there’s of course an insane amount of graphic sex in Avarice…that’s what you should watch out for. If you’re not okay with some really hardcore BDSM, you should stay clear. For example, the BDSM scene at the end of Avarice Vol. 1 is absolutely mind-blowing. Avarice Vol. 2 features one kinky sex scene after another, and Avarice Vol. 3 continues down the same vein. My nose remained glued to the screen all the way through. Kami and Saphiel actually can’t consummate their union the traditional way, no matter how badly they want it. So instead there’s oral sex, anal sex, bondage, impact play, knife play, asphyxiation, you name it. Ultimately, however, this is a story about love and destiny. Kami and Saphiel are two pieces who belong together. They are exactly what the other one needs.

I heartily recommend Avarice the complete story to anyone who enjoys Dark Paranormal Erotica. Start from Book 1 because you need to read them in order! Take a deep breath…and get ready to submit.



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Devils Only.

It was a permanent note-to-self tattooed right above Kameo Kross’s panties, because anything less was a disappointment. Had anyone cared to issue the warning: Be careful what you wish for, she might have thought twice before wording it like an actual invitation.

Kami doesn’t fear pain, death or eternal damnation. She fears only submitting completely. A matter she usually has well in hand…until an unexpected detour into kink and a relentless bastard of a new boss decide to put all of her resistance—and chosen ink—to the trickiest of tests.

Warning: This is a work of Dark Erotic fiction with possible triggers. If you are faint of heart, easily squeamish, or sensitive to religious world views and violence, please do not read this book.

Cliffhanger warning: This is the first of three books and ends in an abrupt cliffhanger.







That’s Kami’s first instinct when shit gets a little too real for her piece of mind.

Kink was supposed to be an escape, a release, but her mysterious Dom robbed her of that and there’s no going back. Her job was supposed to be an accomplishment, a step forward, but Mr. Kress took that from her and twisted it to his own design.

They want her to submit.

If Kami had her way, they’d both be kissing her ass on her way out the door.

Now, there’s a new threat hanging over her head. An unknown enemy wants to expose all of Kami’s sordid, depraved secrets to the media. Little do they know, that even she has no clue who in the hell she really is…but someone does.

Someone who’s about to reveal an incomprehensible tale. A truth that will unravel Kami’s entire life at the seams. Everything she’s ever believed will be altered as she’s thrust into a world she’d never feared existed, and only one undeniable fact will ring through the loudest:

Running had never been an option.

Trigger/Content Warning: This book contains unorthodox religious views, graphic anal sex, explicit language, dark eroticism, BDSM, violence and references to demonology, paganism and the occult. Intended for mature 18+ audiences only!





A.C. Melody is a quirky, unconventional and often contrary (mostly to her muse) hybrid author, both traditionally and self-published. She has a soft spot for hard ass alphas and the strong women who capture their hearts. Her favorite part of writing is having the ability to explore her favorite subjects from unique angles. Also, she loves putting her characters through the ringer one way or another, to expose all the various facets that make them tick. She’s guilty of putting all her money on the underdogs, the anti-heroes and the shameless whores.

Outside of writing, A.C. is a confessed javaholic who loves reading, music, gaming, American Football, ancient civilizations, foreign cultures and everything supernatural. She has an insatiable curiosity that tends to earn her more hobbies than time. You can find her in the beautifully green Pacific Northwest with her two teenage sons and two blue-eyed, Himalayan-Siamese mixes who think they own the joint.


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  1. Wow, Anna, thank you so much for your in-depth summary of the entire Avarice collection! Yes, Zoe is certainly one powerful little pack of dynamite and turned out to be so much more of a character than I intended…which is why she’ll definitely be getting her own chance in the spotlight! Her story is already in the works 😀

    Thanks again for all your support and help with this collection, so much of it’s success is owed to your phenomenal ideas and brutally honest feedback!

    1. Yay! You’re welcome. 🙂 Thanks for letting me beta read your works (and thanks for betaing mine!), Avarice was a sizzling hot read. I can’t wait to see Zoe’s story! 😀

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